1-17-2023 Trail Conditions

In the last weather event, the Park received between 1-5” of snow and sleet, depending on the location in the park. Some trail conditions have improved, others remain about the same.

  • Roaring Brook Road and Chimney Pond Trail are packed and conducive to towing a sled.
  • Routes above treeline have not been packed.
  • Skiing in the basins from Chimney Pond is still sub-par, with exposed rock.
  • Abol slide is not fully filled in yet- there are areas of loose rock, exposed rock and ground, and some hard packed snow and ice. There is some wind slabbing.
  • The Foss & Knowlton Trail does not have good coverage for towing a sled.
  • In the North end of the Park there is generally a bit more snow.
  • Ice on waterbodies is still not very thick, so crossing these is still not recommended, use your own judgment.

The Tote Road has been opened for snowmobiling. Please remember:

  • The Tote Road is the only place in the park where snowmobiles are allowed. DO NOT FOLLOW snowmobiles trails off the TOTE ROAD.
  • The speed limit is a maximum of 20 MPH throughout the entire park. The Tote Road is a shared trail used by snowmobiles, hikers, skiers, and bicyclists.
  • The Tote Road is not groomed, and you may encounter fallen trees, washouts, and iced-over areas.
  • Snowmobilers are required to sign in and out of the Park using the registers located at Togue Pond and Matagamon Gates.
  • There are no services for snowmobiles in the Park- no gas, no food, no trash receptacles. The Park is a wilderness area and requires that you carry all you need in and all trash out.

The Tote Road has a speed limit of 20 MPH, and is a shared use trail

The Tote Road in the Trout Brook Campground area