The Appalachian Trail in Baxter State Park is subject to the all Park trail closures.

The Appalachian Trail in Baxter State Park

The northernmost 10 miles of the Appalachian Trail (AT) is in Baxter State Park, hosted by the Baxter State Park Authority.   Baxter State Park is considered a “quasi-State agency” and the Park is managed as a large public trust.  The AT inside Baxter State Park is managed by the Baxter State Park Authority in accordance with the Trust Communications, rules and policies that govern Baxter State Park. Day use hiking of Katahdin has been managed under a controlled use model for the past 3 decades.  The following policies apply to AT hikers entering Baxter Park:

  • Southbound AT hikers must comply with entrance and camping policies and fees governing the general public.
  • All AT hikers (northbound, southbound, section and flip-flop) must secure an AT Hiker Permit at the Katahdin Stream Campground Ranger station before attempting to summit.
  • Northbound AT hikers (thru and section who have hiked 100 miles) may camp at “The Birches” at Katahdin Stream if space is available.  The Birches is limited to a maximum of 12 persons/night and the fee is $10/person.  There is no “work for stay” in Baxter State Park.
  • Camping in Baxter State Park is not available after October 22.  Katahdin trails, including the Hunt Trail (AT) may be closed for periods due to weather and winter conditions during October and November.  We strongly recommend AT hikers complete their Katahdin summit hike prior to October 15.

Details about permit system for AT Hikers:

  1. AT Hiker Permit Cards will be available when the Hunt Trail opens to hiking in the spring (usually in early June).
  2. AT Hiker Permit Cards must be secured in person​ at Katahdin Stream Campground Ranger Station, along with a hiker registration sheet. Hikers must provide their actual name, trail name and an emergency contact phone number to receive a card.
  3. There is no fee for a card.
  4. The cards will be issued to four categories of long distance A.T. hikers: Northbound, ​ Southbound, Section and Flip-Flop. Each hiker will be required to self-determine and declare their category prior to being issued an AT Hiker Permit card.
  5. AT hikers must also sign trail registers. 
  6. The maximum number of AT Hiker Permit Cards issued per season is 3,150.​
  7. Permit cards will be date-stamped at the time of issue. Permit cards are valid for a period of seven days from the date stamp on the card. For example, a permit card date stamped 9/23/23 will be valid through 9/30/23.
  8. If the maximum number of permit cards have been issued, AT hikers may still complete their hike by entering the Park through the Togue Pond Gate following the same process as other day use or camping visitors. However, registration of AT hikers will end for the season, the Long Distance Hiking campsite will be closed, and normal access protocols will also apply to AT shuttle traffic arriving at Togue Pond Gatehouse.


The Baxter State Park Authority expects AT hikers to respect the experience of other visitors during their summit hike and