Camping reservations are required throughout the season

While state parks in Maine use an “off season” policy of first-come/first-served for camping starting in early September, Baxter State Park is not part of Maine’s state park system. Camping Reservations are required at Baxter through the end of the Season on 10/22/2023.

CAUTION: Trails in the southern portion of the park are flooded, in places to waist deep or higher

This includes trails around Abol Bridge, including approximately 3 miles of the Appalachian Trail, Abol Stream trail, and lower portions of Foss & Knowlton and Blueberry Ledges trails.
Use of these trails under these conditions is dangerous- hikers risk being caught in swiftwater at stream crossings.
The flooding is the result of water release from a dam upstream on the West Branch Penobscot River, and is expected to last until June 30th. Park staff highly recommend that hikers make alternate plans for the use of these trails until the water releases stop.

The lower Saddle Trail (the slide) opens on Friday, 6/23/2023

The lower portion of the Saddle trail (between Chimney Pond Campgrounds and the Tableland, including the Saddle slide) is open effective Friday 6/23/2023. The Northwest Basin and North Peaks trails remain closed, except for the southernmost section of the Northwest Basin Trail—between the Saddle Trail and Caribou Spring—which is open to allow connecting to the Hamlin Ridge Trail.


Additional Katahdin Trails opening on Saturday (6/17)

With the exception of Saddle below the Tableland, Northwest Basin, and North Peaks trails, all Katahdin trails will be open for hiking starting this Saturday, June 17. The section of the Saddle Trail on the Tableland can be used to connect to other open trails, and the southernmost section of the Northwest Basin Trail—between the Saddle Trail and Caribou Spring—will be open to allow connecting to the Hamlin Ridge Trail.

Please remember to expect wet trails throughout the Park, as we continue to have a stretch of rainy weather. Plan to get your feet wet rather than going around wet sections of trails.

Most Katahdin trails remain closed until further notice

Until further notice, the only trails open on Katahdin are the Abol Trail and the Hunt Trail, to Baxter Peak only. Visitors may also hike the Chimney Pond Trail to Chimney Pond, but no further up Katahdin. All other Katahdin trails remain closed- there is no access to the tablelands from the South Basin (Chimney Pond), Helon Taylor Trail, Northwest Trail, or North Peaks Trail. Those hiking to Baxter Peak via the Abol and/or Hunt trails may NOT continue on to the Knife Edge, the Saddle Trail, or the Cathedral cut-off trail- the only option at Baxter Peak is to turn back the way you came up (via Hunt and/or Abol).

Park staff are continuously assessing the trail conditions and will open the trails as soon as they are safe for the alpine ecosystem and for visitors. Current conditions on some of the trails and tablelands include snow, freeze/thaw cycles, and rock slides. We urge all visitors to respect the trail closures so we may protect the Park’s resources, and for their own safety.

All other Park trails are open, as are all Park roads.