1-24-2023 Trail Conditions

The Park only received a couple of inches of snow in the last storm, so in areas not already packed there is a think layer of powder over a hard breakable crust. Below is an update on a few locations:

  • Foss & Knowlton Trail is still not ideal for towing pulk sleds.
  • The Tote Road is in very good shape for pulk sleds, but use caution as snowmobile conditions are fast.
  • On the Abol Trail, the summer trail is recommended over the winter trail, as the latter still lacks snow and has unstable rocks.
  • Please continue to assess pond ice conditions before crossing, as slush is still being reported in places.

1-17-2023 Trail Conditions

In the last weather event, the Park received between 1-5” of snow and sleet, depending on the location in the park. Some trail conditions have improved, others remain about the same.

  • Roaring Brook Road and Chimney Pond Trail are packed and conducive to towing a sled.
  • Routes above treeline have not been packed.
  • Skiing in the basins from Chimney Pond is still sub-par, with exposed rock.
  • Abol slide is not fully filled in yet- there are areas of loose rock, exposed rock and ground, and some hard packed snow and ice. There is some wind slabbing.
  • The Foss & Knowlton Trail does not have good coverage for towing a sled.
  • In the North end of the Park there is generally a bit more snow.
  • Ice on waterbodies is still not very thick, so crossing these is still not recommended, use your own judgment.

The Tote Road has been opened for snowmobiling. Please remember:

  • The Tote Road is the only place in the park where snowmobiles are allowed. DO NOT FOLLOW snowmobiles trails off the TOTE ROAD.
  • The speed limit is a maximum of 20 MPH throughout the entire park. The Tote Road is a shared trail used by snowmobiles, hikers, skiers, and bicyclists.
  • The Tote Road is not groomed, and you may encounter fallen trees, washouts, and iced-over areas.
  • Snowmobilers are required to sign in and out of the Park using the registers located at Togue Pond and Matagamon Gates.
  • There are no services for snowmobiles in the Park- no gas, no food, no trash receptacles. The Park is a wilderness area and requires that you carry all you need in and all trash out.

The Tote Road has a speed limit of 20 MPH, and is a shared use trail

The Tote Road in the Trout Brook Campground area

Daicey Pond cabin repairs to begin May 2024

As we open our reservations for the 2023 season of camping, we’d like to let our visitors know well in advance that the Daicey Pond Campground will be closed for camping from May 2024 to April 2025 (the following year) to repair the cabins for continued public use.

Daicey Pond cabin closure announcement- January 2023

Bunkhouses will resume normal usage in spring 2023

Beginning this spring, Baxter State Park bunkhouses will resume normal usage, with visitors from different parties able to reserve individual bunks at the same time. Regular pricing per bunk will also resume.

In response to the COVID-19 pandemic, from 2020-2022 bunkhouses at Baxter were operated as private cabins, with only a single party able to reserve an entire bunkhouse at a time. 

As we resume shared bunkhouse operations, we remind visitors that they are responsible for  the decisions they make and the associated risks while recreating in Baxter State Park, including those associated with shared, close-quarter housing. We urge all Park visitors–and bunkhouse users in particular–to avoid visiting the park if they are ill, take precautions such as keeping up to date on recommended vaccinations, use masks as necessary, and to practice good hygiene.

We are glad to be able to provide this greater availability to visitors once again, and wish all a healthy and safe visit to the Park.