Activities Requiring a Permit

Commercial Use

Beginning in 2019 Baxter State Park instituted a permit requirement for any commercial use within Park. This is a pilot effort to gather data regarding the number, size, character, and demographic of Park visitors that qualify as commercial users. This information will inform the Park’s management policy and procedures regarding commercial use of the park in the future.

Permits are free and will be valid through March 31, 2024.

Commercial Use Permit applications are available HERE.

Please click HERE for our Guide To Commercial Use in Baxter State Park.

While no date is currently set for the end of the pilot program and the implementation of new policies and procedures for commercial users of Baxter State Park, the Park is committed to the development of a comprehensive commercial use authorization process.

Please note that media projects also need to apply for a media permit (below) in addition to a commercial use permit.

Media Projects

Please note that media projects also need to apply for a commercial use permit (above) in addition to a media permit.

Katahdin and Baxter State Park have been popular media subjects since the Park was first created. Today we field at least one interview or inquiry for photos in any given week and at least one film feature or book project per year requiring special attention. By articulating our expectations and goals as an agency when working with media contacts, we hope to lend more predictability to the process for both the Park and the media representatives. It is our belief that the Park embodies many qualities and values that are worthwhile to share with the public at large and this policy seeks to allow a mutually beneficial way to allow this exchange of information to happen.
Please review our Media Policy and Media Permit Application ( .2MB) or contact [email protected] for specific requirements regarding media activities in the Park.

Scientific Research

Due to our responsibility to maintain this wilderness sanctuary, we carefully evaluate research proposals to understand the relative risks to wildlife and benefits of the research products.

Proposed research in the Park is evaluated by the Park’s Research Committee at an annual meeting the first Friday in March.  Research proposals are due to the Park’s Natural Resource Director by February 1st.

More information how to submit a research proposal, criteria for research in the park, and other important information is found in our Research Application Guidelines.

Research proposals are only accepted electronically via an application form submitted to the Park’s Natural Resource Director.