Map it

To help new Park visitors better understand the accommodations and the hiking conditions in Baxter Park, we’re recruiting YOU to capture some spherical (or 360) images, upload them to Google Street View or Mapillary, then tell us about it.


You can see what’s been done here.

(images taken here are just 2d–not 360 or spherical).
We’re more interested in 360 or spherical, as you will understand.

Google Street View

You can see what’s been done here.

Note:  we’d like specific campgrounds and if their numbers aren’t clear in the image, please note site number or name when you Brag.

Want to share your 360 or spherical images of the Park and help us out?

We’re looking for images in the following areas:

campsites | remote sites | picnic sites | group areas | trailheads (with signs)


It’s easier to do this if you have already installed the app or apps on your phone before going to (wifi-less) woods.

please make sure campsites are free from all your (or someone else’s) stuff.  An unpacked car could be ok if you remember to blur out your license plate.

check Google Street View/Mapillary for what’s been done within the Park.  we’ll come up with a list soon where you can see our priorities.

Figured out capturing and uploading?  Click here to tell us about it!

What are we going to do with them?

We plan to link to images from this website to better inform visitors about accommodations and facilities.  Stay tuned.