Accessibility for the Disabled

In accordance with the Americans with Disabilities Act, we have begun the process of making a wide range of roadside Park locations more accessible. Recognizing that much of the Park is managed strictly as wilderness, we are striving to provide a representative range of accessible roadside facilities. It is our intent that a person using these areas will have an opportunity to enjoy the beauty that inspired Percival Baxter to create this Park. We hope you will make use of the facilities provided and patiently bear with us as we work at our roadside areas over the next few years to provide you with suitable facilities.

Accessible Sites

In Millinocket, our Headquarters Building at 64 Balsam Drive has accessible parking, a path to the building and accessible bathrooms. We also have a 12-minute slide show on the Park available for those interested. A script of the narration is available if you inquire at the front desk. Note: Temporarily, the wheel chair entrance to this building requires you to ring the bell for assistance over the lip at the doorway.

At our Togue Pond Visitor Center, on the approach to the parks southern gate, we have an accessible parking spot and outhouse. There is a model of Katahdin at this location which is positioned for viewing from wheelchair height. Note: Temporarily, wheel chair entrance to the Visitor Center requires help over the lip of the doorway. The attending clerk at the Center will easily be able to see you and assist.

At Togue Pond Beach, Abol (Campground) Day Use/Picnic Area, Katahdin Stream Day Use/Picnic Area, Daicey Pond Campground, Kidney Pond Campground, Nesowadnehunk Campground Day Use/Picnic Area, Rum Brook Picnic Area, South Branch Day Use/ Picnic Area, Matagamon Gatehouse and Roaring Brook Campground you will find accessible parking with accessible routes to wheelchair-adapted picnic tables and accessible outhouses.

In addition Daicey and Kidney Pond Campgrounds both have one accessible cabin with ramp access. Visitors using these cabins will have the option of requesting table lanterns from the ranger to provide light in cabins. Daicey and Kidney have library/room available with accessible routes and ramps. Accessible out houses are situated nearby both cabins and reading rooms.